ahh so glad you're quitting! I honestly feel awfully for you every time you post about your job, and it's so good that you're keeping your sanity and doing what's right for you even though your parents don't get it and it's going to be a little tougher financially. your mental health and well being is way more important

Thank you so much! I’m glad there are people out here who understand where I’m coming from with my decision!

Good for you! I know exactly what it's like to work in that kind of environment and it is just not worth it. What good is money when you can't even enjoy the time you have away from work because of how awful you were treated while you were there. There will always be more jobs, but you will never be able to get back the time you wasted at a job you hate. Move on, be happy. :)

Thank you! My parents don’t understand my choice at all because all they can think about is the money I could be making in the *one entire week* that I’ll be missing if I quit now. My job doesn’t even end when I’m at home - my boss’s favorite form of communication is through text, so I’ll get in trouble even when I’m on my days off! It’s extremely frustrating and I hate never being able to truly relax because I never know when I’m going to see my boss’s name pop up on my phone bitching at me for something my coworker said I did (that 9/10 times was a completely fabricated story). 

I agree, there are plenty more jobs out there for me. I have no reason to stay at one that I hate this much.

Sorry to hear about your job sweetheart, you dont deserve that. My best for what the future holds for you Remember that I care <3 Muah!

Thanks lovely! I’m honestly going to be so relieved when I quit. It’s just not worth the stress anymore. 

veggie—fitness said: where do you work?

I work at a smoothie bar, not saying the name for privacy reasons, but it’s known to be a very health-conscious company, located in quite an affluent neighborhood and most of our customers are extremely wealthy (and have a very strong sense of entitlement). It’s like the Starbucks of smoothie bars.  

I Give Up (ie a rant about my job)

I’m quitting my job. Tomorrow. I need the money so fucking badly but I can’t take it anymore. My coworker is lying to my boss to try to get me fired, customers treat me like shit (more so than at any other job i’ve ever worked at) and after one psychotic customer sent my boss an email complaint about me (just for making an observation that she had collected quite a few of our coupons, which were meant to be only one per customer.) I’ve decided that I’m done. There’s no point in sticking around for the amount I get paid. And I’m not losing much money - i’m giving my notice so that I would only miss out on one week of work. I need a job during the school year anyway, so I plan to fly back to school a week early and start my job hunt before everyone else gets back. My parents are not down with this plan but they don’t understand what I have to go through everyday with the customers at my store.

Basically, I could go on and on and on about this but I will spare you all of my endless rant.

TL;DR - My job makes me feel like shit, I quit. 

July 11 Run

Forgot to post yesterday!
4.32 km / 23:54

Knee started bothering me at about 3.5 km, I tried to keep going but I decided I didn’t want to risk fucking up my knee even more. I walked home after this, about 2 km so my total distance ended up being ~6.5 km. Fuck though, it’s like the world doesn’t want me to run this week! Getting sick then ruining my knee within like 4 days is not chill at all. Hopefully next week is better.



It doesn’t matter if your shoes are from nike or not. If your sport bra was expensive or not. It doesn’t matter if you have a membership at a gym or you work out at home. It doesn’t matter if your tumblr/fitblr has many followers or just 10. You work out for your own life and own body.
Keep going and you will get there.


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July 10 Run

6.76 km / 37:02

Not my best, but I was sick for the past couple days and didn’t get any exercise at all so I didn’t expect to go out and run 10 km or anything. Also I worked over 9 hours today starting at 7 am so I am exhausted.

July 7 Run

9.46 km / 50:33

So apparently I tore off one of my toenails while running today and my sock is soaked in blood. Don’t really know how I managed to do that but alright.

Pre-run selfie :)

Pre-run selfie :)